Sexual Infections


How To Prevent Infections During Sex

Sex is a complex subject that needs consciousness. Most people engage in the act with little or no knowledge of the possible infections they could be exposed to. Having unprotected sex has been regarded as the most vulnerable scenario. Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). These are infections that can be contained if noticed in good time. In some unfortunate situations, the infections could lead to serious problems such as broken reproductive system, infertility, or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among other complications.

Ways of protecting yourself

56jyhgyjteUsing protection is a reliable way of protecting yourself from contracting STIs. Always consult health practitioners to learn the best, safe sex practices. This should be always considered and not some of the times. The following are some of the best ways to protect yourself against infections during sex:

Using condoms

Using condoms is one of the best and easiest protection methods. It is a reliable way of preventing STIs. You can use either a male or female condom for penetrative sex protection. For oral sex, there are special condoms and dental dams that can be used for safe sex.

Other ways to prevent infections during sex
  • Whenever you have anal or vaginal sex, it is important that you use a condom correctly. Latex condoms are known to have effective defense mechanisms against infections during sex.
  • Ensure quality protection during oral sex. Men can use condoms while women should consider the latex sheet: commonly known as the dental dam. This is a safe way to enjoy oral sex.u65i8urythreg
  • Proper sex ensures safety against HIV. This is by minimizing chances for STIs.
  • Regular checkups. STDs should frequently be checked so as to commence dosage once you have been affected. This is recommended when you have a new partner.
  • Learn about the common symptoms of STIs. This implies that your doctor will easily know if there is an infection. Testing the STIs is always necessary. This is due to lack of symptoms in people suffering from STDs.
  • Avoid sharing sharp objects like needles.
  • Ensure your partner does not have several sexual partners.
  • Having sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be avoided. Your decisions are impaired in such cases thus resulting in offensive moves.
  • Douching should be avoided. This removes the normal vaginal bacteria thus exposing you to infections.